Permanent Keratin Treatment

We offered best Keratin treatment

Permanent Keratin Treatment:

Keratin treatment is one of the most sort after hair treatment by many and if you wish to go for it ,just run through the below points which will give you the right reasons to opt for it at Moon Skin & Hair Care:

  • You have frizzy hair and they never abide by you when combing after a hair wash
  • Hair has no moisture & does not budge to combing
  • Has no shine and appears dull even soon after shampooing
  • Not able to manage it for different hair styles

If you face all or few of these you are a right fit for Permanent Keratin Treatment

WELCOME TO MOON BEAUTY ACADEMYWhat are the perks of Keratin treatment?
  • When you do keratin treatment the right way, you can be sure of the following benefits
  • Your hair is nourished and pampered with the vital nutrient ‘protein’ which does not have any side effects provided the technician has enough expertise to identify your hair texture and suggest accordingly.
  • Saves time on using a hair straightener every time you go out
  • You can try out different hair styles with ease
  • You’ll feel confident at all times as you would be well groomed at any point of time and would need least attention
  • Keratin treatment is formulated in such a way that your hair is insulated against weather conditions and need not worry about loss of moisture, fizziness or anything.
  • Maintaining keratin treated hair is simple all you need to do is use sulphate free products which will help to keep your treatment for long.