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Best Micro Blading & OMBRE Shading Services in Chennai

If you are one of the many who are sick of filling your brows with pencils and creams. You are not alone , there are umpteen like you and the best solution that’s developed for you is microblading. This is a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing which will put a full stop to endless brow drawing  days, that just last for few hours. Give Brow Microblading a shot and stay bright with bold brows.

So what’s Brow Microblading? And how is it done ?

Though microblading is similar to tattooing it is very different from regular tattooing in many ways. Tiny needles are used instead of the regular tattoo gun. Licensed estheticians perform the procedure by drawing intricates stroke that resemble hair in the brow. While the strokes are drawn a pigment is simultaneously deposited beneath the epidermis of the skin. As the pigment does not go deep into the skin it is a semi-permanent treatment and is also metabolized by the body so with time making it fade away. The lesser concentration of the pigment gives the brow a more natural and softer look.

Being semi-permanent how long does Brow Microblading last?

The procedure will need a sitting anywhere between 18-24 months to maintain natural looking eye brows. Thought the duration is only a guideline there are factors like skin type, method of microblading and more. One should also consider activities like swimming, body tanning, use of chemicals on the face that will have an impact on the longevity of the procedure.

Is it safe to undergo Brow Microblading?

The procedure is safe provided it is done under good hygienic conditions by a trained expert and new needles being used for each person. Brow Microblading should be avoided by people having diabetes, organ transplant, heart problems, using pace maker, epilepsy, allergic to metal/anesthetics, pregnant women or with skin conditions near the brows.

The only side effect of Microblading is slight swelling or redness which will subside within 2-4 hrs for those with sensitive skin.