Permanent Hair Extension

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Permanent Hair Extensions Service in Chennai:

Permanent hair extension service is a boon to many and Moon Skin & Hair Care offers the best of the latest innovation. Through this non-surgical method you cut down few years of your age and get back the style and beauty that lustrous hair can give. With Permanent hair extension service you can increase length of the hair, boost up  volume and have a very natural looking mane.

If you are looking to have all of this and more, Moon Skin & Hair Care is your best choice. We use the latest technology and improved techniques for right hair extension that blend well with natural hair.

WELCOME TO MOON SKIN & HAIR CARE - BEAUTY ACADEMYGet to know what we offer that makes us stand out in our Permanent Hair Extension Service
  • Amazing choice of hair extension sets
  • Skilled work
  • Options to select thickness of hair extensions to blend with natural hair
  • Full head sets available
  • Varying length of extensions readily available
  • Customization service to suite specific needs of customers
  • Get real human hair and patches, for hair extending methods
  • End to end hair salon services available

Hair extension services come in two types, natural human hair and synthetic hair. Natural human hair is a bit expensive as it undergoes procedures like setting, curling, coloring, ironing etc. On the other hand synthetic hair is a bit cheaper but has disadvantages like melting and becoming clumsy when exposed to high heat while ironing or blow drying. This is recommended only as a temporary cosmetic solution.