Mole Removal

Trusted mole removal service in Chennai

Moles are considered lucky but at times when they are in undesired spots they pull down your confidence and self-esteem. Moon skin and Hair care comes to your rescue with safe mole removal service in Chennai.

Moles are nothing but a cluster of pigmented cells that appear flat or raised with coloration ranging from black to bluish black or brown. They may even have hair growth in addition to rough or smooth texture which may make it disgusting in appearance.

Moles which are there from birth usually grow in size, as one ages, and may be circular or oval, at rare instances there are chances of it disappearing as well.

Mole removal service by Moon Skin & Hair Care in Chennai:

Moles have the probability of becoming cancerous so it’s best to consult a dermatologist before opting for removal. Take a dermatologist consultation at Moon Skin and Hair Care in Chennai to remove moles. We treat moles by one or more of theĀ  surgical procedures Radio frequency or electro cautery or punch excision or through Q-switched yag laser